Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My downward spiral

If you read my previous post on the Zone Diet you all know that it is the end of week 1 since I switched from CBL. Well Monday through Friday was a success!! Poor planning caused me to fail. :( You see, I was working on our new house Saturday and had planned on having a "cheat" later that night. I bought a bottle of wine that Adam and I would pop open when we finished painting the new house. After a long day of painting I was really looking forward to that glass of wine. Thats when things got tough. We didn't have enough dinner to block out so we decided "what the hell, lets get beer and wings. We were going to have a "cheat" anyway". Thats where the downfall started. Once we got home our old habit of Carb Backloading kicked in. We started to crave ice cream and cookies. The beer munchies were no help either. We sat at home trying to kick the cravings but once we started our movie we knew something was missing. We said F**k it. We hopped in the car and went to the Dollar store to pick up a FEW snacks.. that was the plan anyways. I think I blacked out after that. I honestly don't know what got into us. The food cravings took over. The next thing I knew there was a carton of ice cream, a box of gram crackers, fig newtons, a bag of mnms and a box of drumstick ice cream. It was ALL gone, between the 2 of us! I looked at my self with disgust! Fat and tired I crawled into bed and yelled "Never again!". The next day I woke up not feeling the best. My stomach was upset and lets just say I spent a lot of time in the bathroom. I knew we had to go to the grocery store and get back on Zone. We had a really busy day and never made it to the store.. and the downfall continued. Adam and I both got upset with each other playing the blame game as to who's fault it was that we didn't have our meals ready and justify the reason we were forced to eat off our blocks. Here is where planning is a big part. If we hadn't cheated Saturday night we would have felt better Sunday to prepare our meals like we normally do. We thought "ehh, we can just do it Monday morning". We knew we had a busy day and didn't plan that into our day. We could have made better choices but coming off CBL and switching to Zone, there are bad habits you have to break. Needless to say we ate completely shitty AGAIN! I must say Im glad I did. I felt so gross, so fat, so disgusting, I will not cheat again! After eating strict Zone for 5 days I could really notice a difference. I felt healthier, had more energy and I didn't feel bad about myself. Carb backloading is great because you can eat all the junk food you want basically (after 6:00). I did see some good results but I didn't feel healthy or good about myself. The Zone diet makes me feel good. It requires discipline, which I really like. It's a challenge. My point here is that to be successful and see results, first of all stick with it, and make sure to plan!! Poor planning can lead to a downward spiral. Prepare your meals ahead of time or make sure you know exactly what your eating and how much you should eat so it makes cooking easier. Oh yeah, and stay away from isles you shouldn't be on!!

Meal plan for week 2: Same as week 1


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