Monday, July 2, 2012

Week 1 Zone meal plan

So I have decided to stop Carb Back loading and start weighing and measuring my food again. I have seen good results from CBL but I just don't feel as healthy as I should. I like the Zone Diet because I know exactly what I am eating and I can get my carbs from fresh natural foods. I must say I did enjoy eating pretzel MnMs and drinking beer every night, but its time to start something new. Adam and I are going to Sam's today to buy all our ingredients. I like to make a meal plan for 1 day and eat the same for the whole week. Its easier to cook and shop that way. 


3 blocks per meal and 1 block per snack= 11 blocks per day


2 eggs [1 egg]
1/4 cup egg white [1/4 cup]
3 tbs. avocado [1 tbs.]
1/3-cup oatmeal [1/3 cup]
1 tbs. honey [1/2 tbs.]

3 oz. Chicken Breast [1 oz.]

1 tsp. Olive Oil [1/3 tsp.]

1 cup Green Beans [1 cup]
1/2 cup onions [1/2 cup]
1 peach [1]

1 Hard-boiled Egg [1]

Fish oil pill

1 pickle [1g carb]

1 sliced tomato [1]


3 oz. Beef tips [1 oz.]

1 tsp. olive oil [1/3 tsp.]
1/2-cup onions [1/2 cup]
1 ¼ cup mixed peppers [1 ¼ cup]
½ cup salsa [1/2 cup]

1 oz., (7g) Protein Powder [1 oz.]

3 almonds [3]
4 oz. Almond milk [4 oz.]

**The measurement in [the brackets] = 1 block


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