Thursday, May 17, 2012

Eat Like a Pig, Get Shredded.

Recently Adam and I started a new program called Carb Back-loading.  We heard of it from a few friends who were doing it and were surprised by the results. I have been kind of skeptical about it because the main principle is- eat like a pig, get shredded. I have been taught that for the past few years that the paleolithic/low card diet is the best for me. Now this new "diet" has come along and everything I have learned is out the door. Obviously the Paleo diet is great for health (no one can argue with that) and a low carb diet will help you loose body fat. Im still learning about carb back-loading and Adam says "Just trust me". I have been "trusting" him for a couple weeks now and surprisingly I am seeing good results. He looks at me almost everyday now in shock of how good I am looking. My muscles are growing and for the first time, without eating only tuna, my abs are showing through. I can't argue with the results, so I am going to give it a whole 30 days. I will post before and after pics for you to see. So basically I am eating no carbs all day. I workout between 3-5. Then carb back-load (meaning eat whatever I want) from 6 until I go to bed. I know what your thinking.. All those carbs before bed!! It feels wrong. I feel guilty eating it, but... its working.  We started eating Paleo carbs like sweet potato fries, squash, anything really thats high in carbs. It was really hard getting all the carbs we needed in so we added rice and trail mix-, cranberries, almonds and chocolate (60%).  Trail mix and wine used to be my "cheat meal". Now i'm eating it on the regular. One night I had a full glass of wine and my trail mix and I was forcing myself to finish it. Carb back-loading sounds easy but if you try and eat relatively healthy its really tough getting all the carbs in. We recently switched to cookies, ice cream and really whatever we feel like. I am still seeing great results but I cant help but wonder what I am doing to my body. For some reason this is good for my body composition (I still don't understand it) but what is it doing for my health. The Paleo diet is all about health and what the foods you eat are doing to your body. So Is carb back-loading helping me with my goals in terms of looks but possibly hurting me in terms of health?


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