Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cinnamon Swirl Protein Shake

 Protein shakes are the best! This recipe (along with many others- I will post them soon) helped me get through my "protein shake challenge". For 2 weeks I was only consuming protein shakes and 1 meal per day. I was taking in 21g of protein 6 times a day in form of shakes. I was also taking in about 30g of carbs on rest days and 50g on workout days. My one meal was very low carb and high in fats, usually consisting of a burger patty and green beans. It helped keep me full throughout the night. It was a good challenge and I had good results from it. I like to do mental challenges every once in a while. I wouldn't even really call this one a challenge because it was like having dessert everyday!

(I used the Elite Gourmet protein which has 4g of carbs. Check out all their yummy flavors!)  


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