Monday, April 9, 2012

Mani Mondays

 Sunday is traditionally regarded as the first day of the week.

Most people agree Monday is the start of the week.

I use Sunday as my day to get ready for the upcoming week. I clean my house, make sure all my laundry is done, run any last minute errands, then relax the rest of the day. As Monday makes its way to me everything is ready to start the week smoothly. But there is one thing I leave out...
What do I do for myself?
Sure all my laundry is done and I am showered so I can wake up and go. But am I ready?

  I think the more time you spend pampering yourself the better you feel, and the better you feel, the more confident you are, and the more confident you are you are more likely you are to have a positive and successful day. So why not choose something small and pamper yourself.

Monday is your day!

Go ahead pamper yourself!
Start the week  fresh and new.
Color coat your week.
Take a moment for yourself.
Learn new things.
Start Monday with a fresh new manicure.
Feel good about yourself.

After all they are just nails...


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