Sunday, April 1, 2012

Re-posted WOD

  • 5 x 3 Weighted Chin-ups
  • 5 x 3 Weighted Dips
  • 100 walking lunges with barbell (45 lb.)
  • 2 x 15 Stiff Leg Dead Lift (two 55lb. Kettle bells) from Deficit (12" box)       

  • 3 RFT (Rounds for time)
    20 "2 for 1" GHD sit ups (10 lb. ball)
    20 Jump overs (12" box)

    (This is an old post from my old blog. I liked the detail about this WOD so I decided to re-post it)
    I hit a new PR (personal record) on my weighted chin ups and dips today. :D
    If you are not at the point to add weight to your pull ups you can substitute  5 x 3 strict body weight pull ups. Really focus on pulling hard and try to keep from kipping. If you are still not able to add weights to dips you can sub. 2 sets of "Dip Death". This is simple, do as many reps as you can with your body weight, then move on to using the least assistance band, then move up one level of assistance. Its killer and its a great way to improve strength. Make sure to rest in between sets not in between band changes.
    The lunges are a great for your glutes and hamstrings. You want to make sure your taking a long enough step so your really pulling from your hamstrings and stepping right into the next lunge. You can scale the weight to just your bodyweight  if it is too challenging. Just focus on really reaching your steps so your feet are under your knees or slightly in front of.
    The stiff leg dead lift is one of my favorite movements. I love to hate it. :) Get two 12" boxes and put your feet on each box. Pick up your kettle bells so your standing in a dead lift position on top of the boxes. While focusing on keeping your legs straight with a slight bend in the knee lower the kettle bells until they are in between the boxes and raise your body back into a standing position, just like a dead lift. You can scale this by using lighter kettle bells.  Remember though,you want it to be challenging.;)
    If you don't have access to a GHD for the metcon you can substitute straight leg sit-ups. Just keep both legs straight out in front of you and come up all the way to a full sit-up position and touch your toes. This is a scale so make sure your moving quickly. If you do have access to a GHD do 1 rep with your hands touching the ground, then one rep with a medball touching the floor. Remember to pull your knees toward your body on the way down and extend them on your way back up. Using a medball is a great way to improve your GHD sit-ups. It may feel like its slowing you down, but when you take the ball away you will notice the difference.
    The box jump overs are simply jumping over a box. You want to start with both feet on the floor and land with both feet on the floor.
    Enjoy and kick ass! :)


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